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Crestron on supporting global integrators

Warranties, product, and global marketing

We sit down with Crestron’s Kevin Iselli at the AVI-SPL Sales Acceleration Summit about how companies, like Crestron, support the ever-growing push for audiovisual integrators expanding globally. Partnering with the AVI-SPL engineering team is key to that move as well as connecting with sales and support on new product lines.
Iselli also discusses the audiovisual industry’s move to video over the network. He discusses the change in thinking when it comes to designing a system that no longer has a standard video matrix at its center
“You take all of these devices and they are all on the network. How do you manage all of this stuff”, Iselli asks.
Watch our interview with Crestron’s Kevin Iselli at AVI-SPL’s SAS 2018

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