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DEVA training on the road

Planned stops in Grand Rapids, Detroit, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland provide opportunities to learn how Deva can address a range of entertainment, safety, data gathering and information needs

Kearney Point, NJ – March 29, 2018 – The cutting-edge DEVA multimedia platform will be showcased across the United States during an upcoming Integrated Solutions tour hosted by Online Marketing, from April 9 to 12. The tour features stops in Grand Rapids and Detroit, Michigan; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Cleveland, Ohio. Each tour stop will provide attendees with an opportunity to learn about and test the versatile DEVA, discovering how a single unit can provide valuable entertainment, safety, data gathering, and information functionality.

“The Integrated Solutions Tour presents a welcome opportunity to showcase DEVA to new audiences and explicate its functionality first-hand,” says Laurence Turner, DEVA’s Regional Area Manager. “DEVA is a purpose-built multimedia problem solver that addresses such a wide variety of needs in such a diverse array of potential use cases that hands-on experience is critical to understanding the breadth of its capabilities.”

Integrated Solution Tour dates, locations and registration information are as follows:
April 9th – Grand Rapids, MIREGISTER HERE
April 10th – Detroit, MIREGISTER HERE
April 11th – Pittsburgh, PA REGISTER HERE
April 12th – Cleveland, OHREGISTER HERE
DEVA: Versatile and Connected
DEVA brings together powerful information, entertainment, safety and data gathering features in a single elegantly shaped, networked multimedia device. With a powerful and efficient Powersoft-designed Class-D amplifier and integrated woofer, seamless WiFi Ethernet and cellular connectivity, battery power and solar charging capabilities, a motion sensor, built-in light and microphone, and more, DEVA replaces myriad devices with a single, compact, and flexible solution.
During each tour stop, Powersoft staff presentations will explore how powerful built-in networking capabilities and the DEVA System Manager software and web application make system management and remote control easy. Staff will highlight successful installations already in place throughout the country and discuss how to seamlessly integrate DEVA into existing wireless infrastructure. Examples will be provided that illustrate how DEVA’s myriad built-in observation and measurement tools can be leveraged to improve information gathering and sharing as well as safety.
For more information please visit deva.powersoft.it

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