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DVI Fiber extenders from IHSE

IHSE USA Adds Dual-Head/Dual-Link DVI Extenders for Draco ultra Series KVM Systems

CRANBURY, N.J. — April 3, 2018 — IHSE USA today announced it has added new high-performance models to its Draco ultra fiber and Cat-X extenders for Draco vario ultra KVM matrix systems. Known as the 492 Series, the new extenders support either dual-link DVI up to 2560 x 2048 at 60 hertz or two single-link DVI sources up to 1920 x 1200 at 60 hertz. The extenders also accommodate USB 2.0, digital audio, analog audio, RS-232, and RS-422 signals with the optional upgrade card.
The world’s first DVI extenders to support both DVI dual-link and DVI dual-head in the same plug-in extender module, the 492 Series allows easy connectivity via point-to-point connections or through KVM matrix switching. By using a standard DMS-59 cable adapter included with the units, users can easily configure the units to support one 2560 x 2048 display or two 1920 x 1200 displays.
The 492 Series extenders offer high-performance remote-display transmission of dual-link DVI-D signals up to 10 kilometers over one fiber-optic cable or up to 140 meters over a Cat-X cable.
Because transmission over fiber is inherently secure and immune to outside interference, the dual-link/dual-head fiber extender is the perfect solution for applications that demand low latency, high-quality imagery, and secure data connections, such as control room environments, replay and slo-mo operations, or graphic workstations requiring dual screen setups. The 492 Series supports both single-mode and multimode fiber.
“IHSE continues to pioneer creative products with this new line of extenders. The ultra series dual-head option will be especially useful for command-and-control rooms, broadcast centers, urgent response centers, and other professional media systems where multidisplay applications are necessary,” said Dan Holland, marketing manager for IHSE USA. “They provide significant value in cost compared to alternatives where two extenders would be needed for the same application.”
More information about IHSE USA’s KVM matrix switch and extender products is available at www.ihseusa.com.

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