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World's first round multitouch digital signage

Displax exhibits at DSE the World’s First Large Format Round P-CAP multitouch

Las Vegas, March – DISPLAX exhibited at DSE 2018, the World’s First Large Format Round Projected Capacitive Multitouch.

The Round touch screen was presented in a different format than usual, in a traditional Port Wine Barrel. Skin Round, so it’s called, provides up to 40 touch points and can go up to 130cm diameter. This product is based in Displax’s Skin Fit from their Skin Product Line.

Miguel Fonseca, CEO, states that: “Smartwatches, especially round ones, were our inspiration to create a ultra large circular touchscreen. Capacitive technology is the dominant touch technology used in all smartphones, tablets and All-in-One displays.”

Thus with this unique form factor, users can experience a new interface that can make them engage more easily. At the trade show this key factor was noticed, since several attendees stopped by DISPLAX booth.

DISPLAX also presented an Object Recognition table with their newest tags that provide a 100% effective rotation detection. This system detects up to 6 different tags and is using their highest end Skin product, the Ultra.

The Skin Round, is already available for sale with three to four weeks lead time, shipped from Portugal to all over the world.

Find more information at: www.displax.com/skin-round

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