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TSN/A brings Avnu Alliance to Germany

Avnu Alliance members host the fourth annual conference on TSN

For the 4th time in as many years, Avnu Alliance brings together a disparate group of industries together to discuss time sensitive networking and how to transport using the IEEE protocol. Each year groups from automotive, manufacturing, audiovisual, and networking companies gather together to present the applications their industries are using with AVB, TSN. It allows each industry to realize not only some advances and unique applications, it gives their respective companies possible insight into how to better apply the protocol to their products and services. Added to the anticipation of this meeting is the introduction of Milan, Avnu Alliance’s 802.1 compatible protocol.  
Stuttgart, Germany –– September 26-27, 2018 – Avnu Alliance, the industry consortium driving open, standards-based deterministic networking, is co-hosting the 2018 Time Sensitive Networks and Applications (TSN/A) Conference withWEKA FACHMEDIEN from September 26-27, 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany.
With Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) becoming the foundation for many applications to converge onto standard networks across multiple industries, TSN/A continues to serve as a forum for the technology leaders to come together to discuss quickly evolving applications, and the goal to create a unified ecosystem for the benefit of all.
“In our commitment to advancing TSN and its applications across markets, we are thrilled to bring the industry together at the fourth annual TSN/A conference as a forum for learning, education and networking. It provides a unique opportunity to come together to engage with players from across the industry,” said Kevin Stanton, Avnu Alliance Chairman. “We’re excited about our members’ work to drive forward TSN technology and adoption, and how standards groups and industry organizations at all levels of the solution stacks are working together to create one open, future-proof network ecosystem built on standards.”
On Wednesday, September 26, Jordon Woods of Analog Devices on behalf of Avnu Alliance, will co-present the afternoon keynote beginning at 13:45 along with Dr. János Farkas who represents the IEEE group. The presentation, “An Interoperable Ecosystem Through Common Standards and Testing,” will give an overview and update on the TSN standards and the conformance testing efforts to date and share the vision for creating a unified TSN network ecosystem.
The annual event is an opportunity for attendees to learn more about activities across groups working on different layers and solutions for time sensitive applications, with participation from a broad range of standards groups, industry consortiums, research institutions and test providers, along with the companies who are building TSN products in the ecosystem. The conference spans two days of technical sessions, panel discussions, vendor demonstrations, and participant networking.
Avnu Alliance members are presenting more than a dozen sessions including keynotes, on both days at the conference, on topics ranging from updates on the new Milan AV application protocol utilizing AVB/TSN, TSN for wireless networks, security challenges, TSN network configuration, TSN for autonomous vehicles, and testing of TSN networks.
See the full agenda for the show here.To learn more about Avnu Alliance, visit www.avnu.org.

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