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New Era earns Cisco gold

Gold certified Cisco partner

New Era Technology, has achieved the Gold Certified Cisco Partner status from the IT company. With over 27 offices worldwide, New Era has evolved into a multi-disciplined technology company that covers IT, audiovisual, cloud, and unified communications.

Reaching the rand of Gold Certified Cisco Partner involves training, certification, and customer feedback. Gold level Cisco partners “demonstrate a measurably high level of customer satisfaction”. This would indicate that Cisco is not only concerned with how you design and install their products but how you treat your customers. New Era Technology has been able to demonstrate their ability to deliver on the overall experience.

New Era Technology’s pedigree is born out of the merger and acquisition of various high-performing IT and audiovisual systems integrators. These skillsets have allowed New Era to expand around the globe and to do so with global AV partners such as Extron, AMX, and Crestron as well as AV and IT companies like Cisco.

The Cisco certification is one of the first steps in the Partner program. The company aiming to achieve the Gold level also needs to be versed in Cisco’s hybrid IT product lines; including cloud and managed services. New Era also had to ensure at least four of their employees were CCIE. New Era Technology also had to provide at least 30 customers for Cisco to contact, independently, to verify the level of support New Era provided.

The support requirements to meet Gold level include 1 hour call back, a 24/7 customer service availability, as well as pre and post-sales support.

The Gold Certified Cisco Partner is a very rigorous program and New Era Technology has every reason to be proud of this accomplishment. For more information about the Gold Certified Cisco Partner program (or any of Cisco’s partner programs), you can follow this link. For more information about New Era Technology, you can go here.

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