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Next generation of Savant lighting

Savant unveils new version of lighting, control

HYANNIS, MASS. — Savant, a leader in smart home technology, has introduced lighting and energy control modules that offer functionality found with no other solution. These 2-channel energy reporting modules have been engineered to deliver control and energy management of lighting as well as other electrical loads such as household appliances throughout the home all from a compact, easy to install form factor.

Savant’s new lighting and energy modules were designed for easy installation into standard electrical panels, eliminating the need for excessively large, more costly specialty panels. The compact size of each module ensures design application flexibility and ease of installation. Because modules can be used for many individual electrical load applications throughout the home and are fully compatible with the Savant control ecosystem, technology integrators have a tremendous opportunity to deliver better smart home functionality, critical energy usage data across all electrical load types as well as the foundation for a net-zero compliant home design.


“Savant’s small form factor modules, compatible with a standard panel that can be purchased locally, made it very easy for our electrical contractor partner to install,” explained Ryan McDaniel, president of One-Touch Automation. That, in addition to the removal of low voltage wiring from within the lighting control panel, will be an installation game-changer for us.”

“Savant’s new modules make it so much easier to train electricians—they are more comfortable working with a familiar, standard electrical panel,” said Joel Thomas, Principal at Sync AVI. “Displaying the load name on each module is also super convenient, making it easy to identify each one. We appreciate that there is less overall wiring to pull—the installation was intuitive start to finish.””

Beyond Traditional Lighting Control

Designed in partnership with sister-company Racepoint Energy, Savant lighting and energy modules are engineered to deliver both control and energy management functionality of lighting loads as well as other devices throughout the home. 

Integrators can connect large appliances, outlets, pool pumps and other electrical loads (up to 30 Amps) to Savant’s modules and deliver energy consumption data across the whole home to the Savant Pro App, providing delivering complete, dynamic environmental control of climate, lighting and other electrical loads. During peak usage times or other electrical events, homeowners can easily see power consumption and make real-time adjustments through the Savant Pro App or rely on their Savant system to make adjustments automatically on their behalf. 

“These innovative energy modules create a valuable opportunity for integrators to deliver far more than conventional lighting control,” said Savant CEO Bob Madonna. “Now there is a complete lighting and lighting control ecosystem available from Savant that includes shades, fixtures in partnership with USAI Lighting and a level of control capability and energy management unprecedented in the smart home market.”

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