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New HDBaseT 4K extender from HDTV Supply

WolfPack 4K sends HDMI 35m via HDBaseT

Los Angeles, CA, – HDTV Supply, one of the nation’s top Internet providers of consumer electronics devices and related products, announced their new HDTV Supplys WolfPack™ 4K HDMI Extender over HDBaseT as it is using the latest HDBaseT technology which featuring no compression, no losses and no latency over HDMI signal transmission. The HDMI Extender over HDBaseT can can work with other HDBaseT equipment such as Sonys HDBaseT projector, and others.

Our Best HDMI Extender over HDBaseT signals are transmitted by one single CAT5e/ CAT6/ CAT7 cable and for 1080p it can transmit to a distance of 70m (230 feet) and for 4K60Hz (4:2:0) it can up to 35m (110 feet). The HDMI Extender over HDBaseT is compatible with all the HDTV resolutions because it supports the HDCP2.2 protocol. It also supports bi-directional RS232 and bi-directional IR transmission. The HDBaseT Extender supports Power Over Cable (POC) allowing users to power only one side, either the TX or the RX.

Using this HDMI Extender over HDBaseT with UTP cables allow you to run uncompressed 1080p high-definition HDMI signals upwards to 220 feet and optionally to 330 feet (see above Options).

What sets this HDMI Extender over HDBaseT apart from others:

  • Supports both 4K 30 and 4K 60
  • Includes IR cables
  • Includes mounting clips
  • You can buy a separate transmitter to send to an HDBaseT input TV or projector
  • You also can buy a Receiver only
  • Secure screw-on AC adapter
  • Supports both bi-directional RS232 & IR
  • 330 foot option at 1080p
  • Works with CAT5e

NOTE: HDTV Supplys implementation of the HDBaseT technology adds virtually zero latency to the HDMI audio & video signal, less than 7 microseconds (0.000007 sec) over 220 feet of CATx cable. At 100 feet you are talking about 3 microseconds (0.000003 sec). This means for example, in a church or auditorium, the speakers lips are always in synch with the video image on all the TVs & projectors 100’s of feet away.

The WolfPack 4K/60 HDMI Extender over HDBaseT to 110′ with Lifetime Telephone, CHAT, TEXT, FAX & Email Tech Support and is available now and can be purchased at https://www.hdtvsupply.com/hdmi-extender-hdbaset.html

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