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Cobalt Iron adds BaaS support to Compass platform

The additional features add value to service providers who sell the platform as a backup-as-a-service offering

LAWRENCE, Kansas — Cobalt Iron Inc., a leading provider of SaaS-based enterprise data protection, has announced that it has extended its mature Compass enterprise software-as-a-service backup platform with advanced features that bring tremendous value to service providers who sell Compass as their backup-as-a-service (BaaS) offering. Those advanced features, which are unique to Compass, allow service providers to manage complex environments with multiple tenants in a secure manner and provide those different users with appropriate access while reducing the service provider’s operational costs and improving the quality of service.

Compass was built from the ground up with multitenancy and extensive automation in mind. That means BaaS service providers can easily:
• Set up multiple users with different access privileges.
• Assign different pricing methodologies to different systems.
• Customize reporting and management with company logos.
• Integrate with existing accounting and service ticketing systems for automated billing.

Compass’ comprehensive multitenancy capabilities support complex organizational dynamics across an ecosystem of service providers, partners, customers and their internal organizations, and distributors. Support includes management, monitoring, visibility, chargeback, reporting, and resource utilization by organization.

“These capabilities are unique in the industry,” said Rodney Foreman, chief revenue officer at Cobalt Iron. “The robustness of Compass’ multitenancy features allows BaaS providers to bring great flexibility and value to their customers.” 

Besides multitenancy, some of the other distinguishing features of Compass for service providers are:
• Cyber Shield, Cobalt Iron’s built-in cybersecurity for Compass, which provides deep authentication control and data custody discipline.
• Extensive automation and analytics, which drastically reduce manual intervention and deliver a higher level of service.
• Enterprise and cloud-mature backup with on-premises or cross-cloud delivery options that handle even the largest and most demanding enterprise workloads across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud.
• Flexible service branding that allows service providers and customers to brand their backup services as their own.

In addition, the Compass SaaS pricing and licensing model eases costs barrier and allows BaaS providers greater flexibility.

Service providers leveraging the Compass platform eliminate much of the overhead and complexity associated with delivering premier backup services to many customers. Overhead and complexity are handled automatically by Compass, allowing technical teams to break free from the daily grind and focus on technical initiatives that are more essential to the business. Compass’ advanced analytics automates most aspects of backup reporting, billing, and other operations for BaaS end users while also providing self-service capabilities. 

“Cobalt Iron Compass is an ideal platform for service providers to deliver enterprise-class solutions that include data protection with efficiency, scale, and lower costs,” said Foreman. “Compass is unique in its combination of advanced multitenancy, deep security control and protection, cross-cloud mobility, and enterprise scalability and reliability.”

These capabilities are built into the intuitive web interface and delivered to all Compass customers — service providers or otherwise — as part of the basic offering. They are available now.

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