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Visix releases new version of AxisTV Signage Suite

Version 1.27 of the software offers support for SAML 2.0, Astra Schedule and more

ATLANTA, GA — Visix has released version 1.27 of their AxisTV Signage Suite enterprise digital signage platform. The release includes support for SAML 2.0 and Astra Schedule by Ad Astra, as well as new design widgets, enhanced workflows and improved functionality.

“Support for single sign-on with SAML 2.0 helps ease the user account burden on system administrators, increases security and helps with compliance,” says Trey Hicks, chief sales officer for Visix. “This release not only brings our cloud offering to the enterprise level, but also opens up our full suite of digital signage products to Ad Astra users. And, as always, we’re adding new design and usability features to help our customers communicate better with every release.”

AxisTV Signage Suite v.1.27 supports SAML 2.0 for single sign-on (SSO) in both cloud and on-premise deployments. This simplifies username and password management by letting clients connect to the CMS and other applications with a single set of credentials. The new release provides a pathway for SSO with Microsoft Azure AD and other identity providers that are compliant with SAML 2.0.

The release also includes a new data widget for Astra Schedule by Ad Astra. Schedule data from Astra Schedule can now be incorporated in auto-updating messages on flat-panel displays and Visix’s Touch10 room signs to help participants more quicklyfind their meetings and events. 

AxisTV Signage Suite’s desktop designer, AxisTV Design, has had several enhancements. New widgets are available that auto-scale text size for the best fit in data-driven and fill-in-the-blank messages. Clients can also now synchronize changes to a layout or message in AxisTV Design with the CMS using a single button click, eliminating multiple steps in the software.

Version 1.27 also improves content import workflows, making adding content to playlists extremely simple. Clients can now drag and drop multiple media files to any playlist. The CMS web interface will automatically recognize the type of content, and clients can then choose the appropriate playback schedule. Multiple types of media can be added in the same step, including PDFs, graphics, videos, PowerPoint slides and more.

For more information about AxisTV Signage Suite, visit visix.com/products/digital-signage-software.

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