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Listen Technologies launches Navilution Wi-Fi

Targeted at the BYOD market, the solution allows tour operators to send content to smartphones

BLUFFDALE, Utah — Listen Technologies has announced the launch of Navilution Wi-Fi, the sightseeing industry’s first affordable, plug-and-play, low latency, streaming passenger entertainment solution. Navilution Wi-Fi makes it easy for tour operators to deliver engaging, GPS-triggered content to visitors through their smartphones. 

The new product combines the power and versatility of Listen EVERYWHERE, Listen Technologies’ audio-over-Wi-Fi solution, with the precise GPS triggering of Navilution Next, a wireless tour commentary delivery system. Navilution Wi-Fi works on tour operators’ wireless networks and enables them to offer multiple audio sources to visitors so they can listen to tour narration in different languages, no Internet required. Visitors simply download the free Listen EVERYWHERE app on their Android or iOS devices, select their preferred language and listen to automated, location-based content.

The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) market, which is expected to reach $367 billion by 2022, presents opportunities for tour operators to differentiate themselves with mobile applications that improve tour experiences. Studies show that 98 percent of travelers bring their smartphones when they travel. Digital devices are used to plan trips, read reviews, make reservations and purchases, manage check-ins and navigate in unfamiliar places. With Navilution Wi-Fi, tour participants can transform their devices into mobile tour guides. They can move freely on tour boats and ferries for a better view of sights without losing access to audio. Automated content is relayed by expert storytellers in clear, engaging voices that capture visitors’ attention.

“Navilution Wi-Fi is revolutionizing the sightseeing industry with streaming, location-triggered content that educates and entertains visitors,” said Jonathan Stanley, chief experience officer and president, Listen Technologies Canada.  “With Navilution Wi-Fi, there’s no risk of tour guides having an ‘off day’ or forgetting important information during mobile tours. Navilution Wi-Fi provides consistently compelling site-specific content in visitors’ preferred languages. Tour vehicle drivers are free to concentrate on driving, and tour operator companies can deliver exceptional sightseeing experiences visitors will remember.”

Tour operators can customize the Listen EVERYWHERE app with their logos, branded messages and promotional video, no Internet required. When Internet is available, links to special promotions, advertisements for affiliate venues and destinations can be provided.

Navilution Wi-Fi is available globally through Listen Technologies and their tour team at AudioConexus.

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