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Harwood Services releases cmdBridge

cmdBridge is primarily a command system language translator

Harkwood Services Ltd has released cmdBridge, a new product specifically designed to help reduce the costs for AV integrators by assisting in the maintenance and support of AV systems, especially where a company takes on a contract to support systems where no control system source code is available.

cmdBridge is primarily a command system language translator sitting in the communication path between an AV control system and end device, translating between the two in real time. The translation can be managed to ensure the correct operation of the control system feedback to the end user. In the event of an equipment fault it enables a common stock of spare / loan equipment to be easily deployed, without the need to touch the existing AV control system. Reducing the resources required handle customers service calls and speeding up response time.

When taking on a new maintenance contract, cmdBridge can be used to automatically snapshot an existing systems operation. Creating a template configuration file ready to add in the details of your company’s loan equipment. Multiple different translations may be stored internally for simple deployment.

cmdBridge can also be used to extend the life of an existing system. For example, replacing a projector can be done without touching the existing AV control system. Helping AV integrators to offer a simpler and cheaper upgrade path to customers looking to implement short / medium term enhancements (or quick fixes) in a more cost-effective way.

cmdBridge is available now, full details are on the website.

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