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Christie brings 3D to a new level with MicroTiles at ISE 2020

Matt Scott and Christie Digital’s Miles Donovan don 3D glasses to discuss the company’s pairing of 3D technology with its MicroTile LEDs. It is the first time that Christie is showing LED with 3D in an immersive application, and Scott, who notes that 3D hasn’t caught on as anticipated ten years ago, asks what applications would benefit from such a pairing.

“3D has come and gone,” Donovan begins. ” It’s some people’s taste. Other people can’t stand it. That’s why you have got to come and see this and experience it, because what we are showing here is 1.25 pixel pitch, so you can get up tight and close to the image. But really this is about our high frame rates. This really is flicker-free and gives a real immersive experience.”

The 3D/LED demonstration at Christie’s booth ( (I-H70) is aimed at professional industries, such as automative, manufacturing and oil and gas where visualization is a key component of collaboration and client-facing meetings.

“it is about being able to collaborate,” Donovan says of the potential for the pairing to change the sales conversation. “Getting up close and having those conversations in real time, with that immersive experience. This is taking that 3D, that pedigree of where we come from, into a new emerging technology like LED, which is what people want to see these days. It is very relevant.”

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