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Conference where you want with Bose 700 UC Headphones at ISE 2020

Matt Scott and Bose’s Neil Ranney discuss the company’s game-changing 700 UC headphones, which many consumers might already be familiar with for their top-grade noise cancelling capabilities. At ISE today, Bose revealed that it has paired and packaged the headphones with an Bose USB Link Bluetooth module that allows users to seamlessly connect a mobile phone and a computer to the headphones at the same time to take conference calls and listen to audio while switching between sources.

Why is this a game changer?

“We think this product has two benefits to those users taking calls in noise,” Ranney says. “The first is the voice pick-up system. There is a dual beam forming mic system which gives boom-like performance without the need for a boom. So you can take a conference call in a noisy coffee shop and be very confident that the noise around you does not reach the far end of the call.

“The second piece is the noise cancellation in the headset itself,” Ranny continues. “So if you’re in a noisy environment, the A&R brings that level down so you can hear that far end clearly.”

Scott and Ranney offer an onscreen and sound demonstration of the headphones, which truly conveys what a big deal the 700 UC headset really is, or as Scott says, “It is truly striking.”

The 700 UC headphones are part of Bose’s new Bose Work segment, which is focused on audio products for the workplace.

Bose is at ISE in Hall 7 Booth 200.

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