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Biamp shows off latest beam-forming speaker

Matt Scott join Biamp’s Joe Andrulis in the company’s ISE Booth Annex to discuss the company’s Community point source, large venue speaker, the LVH-900.

As Andrulis explains, the LVH-900 uses beam-forming technology to “ensure complete coverage of a space as well as eliminate any overlaps that would cause interference. Add to that this is the most powerful point source available on the market today means that you can reach any point in the stadium with a just a couple of cabinets.”

An “insane” peak 180dB SPL in a long pro configuration underscores Community’s claim that it is the most powerful point source speaker available today.

Andrulis adds: “We didn’t just come out with a great point source speaker, we really came out with a great set of design resources and installation to resources to ensure that its capabilities are realized in the field.”

Biamp is at ISE 2020 Booth 1-H140.

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