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Futuresource Consulting reports record-breaking year for interactive displays

The education sector, with more than 43 million classrooms, provides a vast opportunity for both vendors and component suppliers

The global interactive displays market delivered a record-breaking year in 2019, exceeding more than two million unit shipments worldwide. That’s according to a newly released report from Futuresource Consulting, exploring the addressable market for both interactive whiteboards and interactive flat panels.

With over 43 million classrooms and 1.5 billion enrolled students and teachers in K-12 across the world, the education sector provides a vast opportunity for both vendors and component suppliers. Futuresource data indicates that there are more than five million interactive whiteboards already installed in schools, many nearing end of life, signalling the beginnings of a replacement drive as well.

Volume and Value on the Rise

“This is the first time the market has pushed beyond the two million barrier,” says Colin Messenger, Senior Market Analyst, Futuresource Consulting, “and all the numbers continue to point skywards. In addition, users are demanding more sophisticated displays and transitioning across to interactive flat panels. As a result, not only are volumes on the rise, but value growth is trending upwards at nearly double the rate.”

Figures for Q4 2019 show 1.4% year-on-year volume growth, with display shipments exceeding half a million units. For the year, the Americas led the way in growth terms, closing in on nearly 20% annual shipment growth. EMEA took second position, with APAC in third place with annual shipment growth of 1.1%.

Coronavirus on the Radar

“China sales were stable across the year and we expect this situation to remain the same for the next five years,” says Messenger. “However, the Coronavirus will have an impact on production, as more than 90% of manufacturing is based in China. This will likely lead to product delays and some global shortages. As China accounts for such a significant volume of world sales, amounting to two out of every three sales last year, any impact upon its markets sends an aftershock across the globe.”

The Future is Education

Futuresource forecasts show that the global market will continue to climb throughout the forecast period out to 2024, increasing by around 5% volume and 4% value per year. The bulk of momentum will come from the education market, as the complexity of the sale is proving to be a high barrier to adoption within the corporate market.

The newly released Futuresource report, Quarter 4 2019 World Interactive Displays, is part of Futuresource Consulting’s interactive displays quarterly market track service, based on sales-in data from vendors. The service covers both interactive whiteboards and interactive flat panels in education and the corporate sector. It includes sales data at sell-in level by country, including five-year sales forecasts by country, product and technology, as well as a competitive review and tender alerts.

Pictured above: Samsung Flip 2 interactive display.

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