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ByDesign Vision & Sound Marketing launches dealer training events

The goal of each dealer-focused event is to introduce dealers to new, innovative home tech categories and applications 

The home technology market is a moving target. What’s new and fresh one day is old and antiquated the next. To inspire, encourage, and poise dealers to stay ahead of the home tech curve and develop new revenue opportunities, particularly within the design community, ByDesign Vision & Sound Marketing (VSM) regularly hosts comprehensive, hands-on training of its extensive “best in class” line of products. 

Earlier this year, ByDesign VSM offered certification training for Colorbeam’s low-voltage lighting system, and on March 5th ByDesign VSM will host a one-day training session for Barco Residential. The goal of each dealer-focused event, says ByDesign VSM founder Joaquin Rivera is to introduce dealers to new, innovative home tech categories and applications. 

“For example, we think lighting, especially with the recent focus on human-centric lighting applications, is going to be one of the biggest sources of revenue for dealers going forward,” says ByDesign VSM founder Joaquin Rivera. “Our Colorbeam event exposed dealers to a new way of thinking about architectural lighting, as a low-voltage solution that is installed in place of traditional electrical lighting system. Through Colorbeam’s unique, end-to-end approach to lighting, which provides dealers an opportunity to include fixtures as part of their lighting package, dealers can be a part of the budgeting process from the beginning of a home construction project and can be more directly involved with architects and designers.” 

During the event, Mike Teolis, Colorbeam’s President, discussed with over 40+ attendees the basic and intermediate skills required to develop and implement a low-voltage-based lighting design, the certification requirements in different states, and the advantages, from a business and a performance perspective, of providing the residential market a low-voltage lighting solution. 

“Using a single Cat-5 wire to power and control lighting may not be the standard approach now, but it’s definitely going in this direction,” Rivera comments. “As a manufacturer’s rep, we need to be part of a booming business, and we expect our Colorbeam line—and the dealers who carry it—to grow exponentially over the next few years.” 

“Residential lighting is a home systems category that has huge market potential, and as a systems integrator it’s in our best interest to explore innovative technologies that can keep us ahead of the curve,” says David Arellano of Signals Audio Video, Inc. “ByDesign allows us to stay on the cutting-edge by hosting events for innovative lines like Colorbeam.”  

Dealers interested in expanding their knowledge and skills of video projection technology, and develop partnerships with architects and designers, can join ByDesign VSM and Barco Residential on March 5th in Los Angeles. During this one-day session, Barco will introduce to dealers its latest product developments and support structure for the custom installation channel, as well as provide product demos and hands-on sessions featuring several of Barco’s projectors and LCD video wall solutions. Some of the scheduled topics of discussion include, “Barco Residential Strategy and Value Proposition Update,” and “The Architectural Digital Canvas: Hide Everything but the Experience.” 

“The biggest point we hope to get across,” says Rivera, “is that Barco projectors are extremely smart and flexible, which enables them to be easily integrated into a wide variety of home designs and that won’t conflict with the architecture. We want to show dealers that Barco projectors will never give an architect or designer a reason to say “no” to the technology.” During the day-long event dealers will learn how to optimize the features of Barco’s line of projectors, how to overcome common design challenges, and new applications to explore, such as outdoor entertainment, digital art, and edge blending. 

Interested dealers can register for the Barco Residential educational and training event by going to https://www.eventbrite.com/e/catching-up-with-barco-residential-registration-92376054265.

To learn more about ByDesign VSM, and its line of Colorbeam, Barco Residential and other product lines, as well as training opportunities, please visit bydesignvsm.com

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