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Networking with Milan – open standard-based networking for future-proof AV systems

With AV increasingly residing on the network, the Pro AV market has unique requirements for moving time-sensitive audio, video and data across the network. Leading manufacturers in the industry have developed a network protocol built on top of IEEE Audio Video Bridging (AVB) open standards with added specifications to provide a fully realized solution that guarantees interoperability at the network and application layer and delivers reliable, deterministic and future-proof media networking.  Milan was created to support interoperability at the application layer to provide reliable installation and configuration of products by Pro AV market leaders in the Avnu Alliance, and is the first tangible solution for promising deterministic, reliable, and future-proof delivery of networked media.

This presentation will provide an overview of the current challenges associated with networked audio in live sound and other AV environments. Attendees will gain an understanding of how to integrate Milan into their systems and learn about the technical benefits of the Milan protocol for AV/IT managers, integrators, and sound engineers. The training will share examples from live installs.

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