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Josh.ai integrates with Comcast’s Xfinity X1

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Clients will experience flexibility when using voice to request their desired content wherever they want it

Josh.ai continues expanding the power of artificial intelligence in the home through a new integration with Xfinity X1 set-top boxes. Using Josh.ai’s proprietary and privacy-focused voice automation, Comcast customers with X1 will still be able to enjoy the voice functionality of their remote with the added ability to control their entire home in a hands-free and intuitive way.

As part of the Josh.ai Distributed AV workflow, IP enabled Xfinity set-top boxes on firmware 4.0p12s2 or newer will auto-populate for configuration. Installers are then able to efficiently assign them as input sources in any system design to route content from room to room. Josh.ai’s X1 integration offers a rich feature-set of functionality. Users will be able to call configured channels by station name and number, surf channels up or down, open the channel guide, pause and play content, and more!

Clients will experience an unmatched level of flexibility when using voice to request their desired content wherever they want it. For example, if someone is hungry for a snack during the big game they can give their Josh Micro a command like, “OK Josh, watch ESPN in the kitchen and pause the media room TV.” Josh.ai knows to directly control each Xfinity box routed or assigned to its respective video zone, and like magic, the viewer never misses any of their live action!

“We’re excited about incorporating Xfinity X1 into our mix of solutions,” said Alex Capecelatro, CEO of Josh.ai. “Our device integrations with complementary products are essential as we recommend innovative solutions for luxury clients who want performance as well as reliability. Our goal with Josh.ai is to deliver a truly innovative experience, and working with Comcast is another step towards that vision.”


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