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SynAudCon offers two new online training courses

Both courses will be approved for renewal units and will include the company’s new integrated learning experience utilizing lectures and hands-on demonstrations

SynAudCon announced the official release of two new online training courses: “Equalization” and “Advanced Equalization.” Both courses will be approved for renewal units (RUs). Exact course credits are scheduled for public release soon. Both course additions will include the new integrated learning experience utilizing lectures and hands-on demonstrations mentioned by the company in January 2020. 

Developed by Pat Brown, these courses are a culmination of his 30+ years of system tuning experience; employing hard-won knowledge and, as per Pat Brown, “methods that work.”

Course 130 – “Equalization” is a systematic approach to sound system tuning. The course is presented using a direct, systematic, and orderly approach. Course 130 covers the core concepts of measurement and room acoustics and applies them to the equalization process.”Understanding measurement and room acoustics is the key to effective equalization,” notes Pat Brown. Course 130 guides learners on a path to overall proficiency whether the practitoner is using a 1/3-oct RTA or an advanced PC-based measurement system.

Course 210 – “Advanced Equalization” is designed to build upon the core principles and knowledge gained in Course 130, but possessing a greater breadth and depth of concepts surrounding professional equalization. Course 210 includes all core lessons offered in Course 130, as well as additional lectures which address the finer points of measurement, filters, and the system tuning process. Additionally, Course 210 includes bonus instruction on phase, group delay, wavelets, IIR, and FIR filters.

Both Course 130 and Course 210 are specifically designed for audio professionals desiring to achieve a deeper understanding of electro-acoustic measurements and fully exploit the capabilities of their dual-channel FFT analyzer.

All SynAudCon online training includes instructional videos, lectures, demos, and case studies to provide a well-rounded, multi-faceted learning experience. Video transcriptions, instructional images, and self-evaluation quizzes are included. Pat Brown assures course takers will “experience a holistic, immersive environment through which they can learn the intricacies of the science and physics of the audio profession, in a way that feels natural, and approachable.” 

Additional information including sample instructional videos can be found at www.prosoundtraining.com/equalization/

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