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Remote monitoring and control for ocean oil rigs

Leveraging Utelogy for offshore rigs


A large global Oil and Gas Company was deploying Audio Video over IP (AVoIP) technologies in multiple rooms across three oil rigs. Requirements for each room included the ability to control distribution of IP video and support audio and video conferencing technologies. The company needed a solution offering impeccable remote control functionality without the need to access a WIFI network, since these structures are all located in deep water ocean areas.


This company was unhappy with its existing control system due to recurring downtime, slow connectivity and an overall poor user experience.

The customer was looking for a state-of-the-art IT-centric solution that would not only meet its business requirements but also allow its IT staff to easily provide remote support and troubleshoot issues without needing internet connectivity.



This global energy company provides fuels, lubricants and other products essential to modern transportation, including a growing number of lower-carbon and carbon-neutral products.


  • Three oil rigs
  • Twenty rooms per rig


Based in the US Gulf Coast


This company required a replacement solution that could be easily and remotely supported.

Oil rig workers maintain a two-week-on, two-week-off schedule, meaning different groups of users are continually operating the system. The right solution had to combine a minimal learning curve and a highly intuitive user interface.

Utelogy was chosen for its ability to provide high-performance control, offer minimal to no downtime and seamlessly control connected encoders and decoders deployed on these oil rigs.

Utelogy’s U-Server is now deployed at each of the company’s active locations requiring control for AVoIP video and audio/video conferencing – a total of about 20 rooms per rig on three different rigs.


Remote Access

Utelogy is an AVoIP solution offering easy remote access and control as well as a high level of security since the control system can operate without internet connectivity.

System Uptime

With its native High Availability (HA) experience, Utelogy delivers maximum system uptime. Users can deploy multiple U-Servers simultaneously for additional enterprise efficiency.

Speed and Device Connectivity

Using Utelogy’s U-Server platform, this company is experiencing significant system-wide increases in speed, connectivity and device control with fewer issues reported.


  • Single platform for control
  • Open architecture with support for standard web technologies including Telnet, SSH, HTTP(S), SNMP, ICMP
  • Hardware-agnostic with the ability to integrate new devices and new protocols
  • A flexible, reliable and secure solution that can be self-diagnosed
  • Superior speed in delivering device control


Control is at the heart of every audiovisual platform and in most cases, it is the first experience users have with a system. The Utelogy platform is designed to enhance user productivity with a modern, IT-centric model providing a scalable and practical solution.

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