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Hall Technologies takes the complexity out of AV Control with HIVE Touch

Hall Technologies has taken the complexity out of AV Control with HIVE Touch. HIVE Touch was designed with HIVE Node technology built-in for simple integration and control of all AV hardware and automation devices in a room with no special programming required. Connected through HIVE Control’s subscription-based platform, users can control as many buildings, rooms, and devices as they need. HIVE Touch connects seamlessly with the Cloud, providing users with complete control remotely or in-office.

HIVE Touch renders HIVE’s control panels natively, to give a dynamic user experience. It provides access and asset management to the devices that are connected to the HIVE Cloud. HIVE Touch also emulates a software Node and acts as a control system for the entire room and controls all IP devices in the room without the need for additional hardware. With built-in PoE and wireless connectivity, HIVE Touch can be integrated into a wide range of applications.

What is HIVE Control?
HIVE Control is the industry’s first cloud-based AV control platform engineered from the cloud down. The system leverages the best in modern IoT, legacy control, and automation systems to deliver a superior end-to-end AV solution. With major improvements to the industry’s three major pillars in AV control; software, interface, and hardware, Hall Technologies created an infinity scalable and affordable AV solution.


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