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SurgeX Begins Global Shipping of Squid Power Management Device

KNIGHTDALE, N.C. – SurgeX, a leader in advanced power protection, diagnostic intelligence, remote monitoring, and cloud solutions, announced the shipping of its highly anticipated Squid power management device, which is taking place across the globe. With a compact design that packs an array of power quality features into a single chassis, Squid streamlines installation and fulfills the unique needs of collaborative flex environments, home offices, and other tight-spaced AV installs.

Squid is a one-of-a-kind solution that includes all the most sought-after SurgeX functionalities within a single device. It packs boxed network control, AC and DC analytics, and front-end protection with patented Multi-Stage surge elimination, along with the remote analytics and monitoring features of the SurgeX enVision. The product delivers all this functionality in compliance with leading network security protocols including 802.1x authentication and active directory.

As a proper, intelligent, and flexible power foundation, Squid offers SurgeX Axess ELITE capabilities such as sequencing, scheduling, auto-ping, IP Control, and monitoring, helping integrators reduce service calls through proactive management. Squid features built-in diagnostic monitoring, like the popular SurgeX enVision, providing a single solution for management, mitigation, and control of the system’s power. Squid includes two 5V USB ports inputs for charging and network troubleshooting, eight outputs, four of which are traditional controlled and monitored IEC receptacles, and four are DC so integrators can eliminate the need for wall warts or a two box solution.

The compact nature of Squid allows it to fit easily into a rack, behind a flat panel, under a table, or within a table hatch. With built-in autosensing, Squid is also the first SurgeX product with universal compatibility with 120V to 240V, allowing global companies to simplify installations and spec the same product into offices worldwide.

“Dealers and integrators seek reliability and performance in the products they source to support their installations. SurgeX equipment delivers on both fronts to eliminate power-related failures and dramatically reduce truck rolls. Squid hits the market at the perfect time as integrators shift to support the growing number of smaller huddle and flex spaces. We created Squid as the single solution for both AC and DC in the same chassis with the added benefits of front-end protection, filtration, and SurgeX patented Multi-Stage surge elimination technology,” said Lauren Simmen, Director of Marketing for SurgeX. “Now that Squid is available, integrators will use it to not only streamline their installs with less hardware, but also to reduce service calls, giving them the confidence that their customers can use their spaces without disruption from anywhere in the world.”

Squid is available in three models: 12V (SX-DC-8-12), 24V (SX-DC-8-24), and a combined 12V and 24V (SX-DC-8-1224) model. Units are currently shipping globally with an MSRP of $599.

For the full list of specs and more information on Squid, visit www.surgex.com.

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