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FSR’s New Modular Linx System Powers up to 20 Workstations on single run

WOODLAND PARK, N.J.  — FSR’s has announced the launch of its Modular Linx System (MLS), a robust and expandable power platform that distributes two-20 Amp AC power circuits to create a relocatable and reusable modular power system. The easily installed MLS makes elegant connectivity a breeze for multiple applications including classrooms; libraries; training and multi-purpose sites; ballrooms; conference, data, processing and call centers; or any scenario that would benefit from daisy-chained power distribution.

MLS utilizes a patented locking connector designed for rugged use in a small form factor. This UL listed, CSA certified system is typically installed under the work surface as a single or dual circuit with a power distribution box at each point of use, or can be used in open ceilings and walls. It can also incorporate Y cables to split the system at any point along its path.

The power for MLS can originate from the floor via FSR’s Smart-Way Furniture Feed Device Box or poke through, from a pluggable single gang wall plate or it can be directly hard-wired. MLS units are interconnected with connecting cables, which can be daisy-chained together to make longer cables or create a separation point.

FSR’s new MLS system incorporates a number of key features to optimize operation including, two to forty daisy-chained plugs; ability to interrupt current (make or break) under full load; and fully encapsulated connectors for reliability and safety. MLS is suitable for use in environmental air handling spaces (plenums) and is built around an eco-friendly design. A minimum system comes standard with an input-feed, power distribution boxes and connecting cables.

Jan Sandri, President FSR explains, “It’s our philosophy to deliver unique, quality products, which provide powerful technology that improves and simplifies working and learning environments. We’re proud and excited to launch MLS and look forward to introducing our customers to the latest innovation in power distribution.”

FSR is a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of products for the Pro AV and Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) markets. FSR manufactures its audio and video switching, control products, connectivity boxes and collaboration systems from headquarters in Woodland Park, N.J.

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