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ClearOne’s COLLABORATE Space Now Offers Signups and Contact Searches Using Phone Numbers

ClearOne’s COLLABORATE Space Video Conference App has made searching for other users easier. The audio and visual communications solutions provider now allows users to register their mobile phone numbers and email address. Users can launch into video conferencing, presentation sharing, and messaging services using any searchable ID of their choice.

ClearOne chair and CEO Zee Hakimoglu says allowing users to register their phone numbers has made experiencing ClearOne’s video calls easier. “Now new and existing users can make themselves easier to find, and more easily find others, with two options for searches and the ability to have both email and phone be searchable at the same time,” Hakimoglu said.

Mobile phone number options provide similar functionality to Whatsapp, however, ClearOne’s COLLABORATE Space emphasizes on professional-level video and collaboration tools. The app offers a full suite of video conferencing and meeting tools, setting it apart from other messaging apps.

Individuals who connect both a phone number and an email address will have the option to sign in using either. Users will have the option to allow search results through their phone number, email address, or both.

The free version of COLLABORATE Spaces allows up to 10 participants for an unlimited amount of time. Other features include Instant Messaging, Screen Desktop Sharing, and a CO2 savings report. All messages are encrypted to ensure extra security, promising that ClearOne does not sell any personal information to third parties.

If you are looking for additional functions, check out their website for pricing and comparisons for the Basic and Pro versions.

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