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Shure Hires Prakash Moorut as Senior Director Of Spectrum and Regulatory Affairs

On Wednesday, Shure, a global manufacturer of audio equipment, announces the hiring of industry veteran Prakash Moorut as Senior Director of Spectrum and Regulatory Affairs. Shure is looking to strengthen its commitment to the audio industry. His new role will help Shure advocate for the people who rely on wireless microphones and other related technologies.

“Bringing a seasoned, global expert like Prakash onboard provides our team and our partners with an experienced voice who can help us navigate new spectrum policy proposals and legislation,” said Ahren Hartman, Vice President of Quality at Shure.

Moorut’s responsibilities include leading Shure’s effort to advocate for audio professionals when it comes to industry regulations and serving as a point person with regulators and lawmakers. Moorut will partner with engineering and product management to create a regulatory roadmap, adhering to current and future policies.

Prakash Moorut received his Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Ecole Superieure D’Electricite (SUPELEC), one of France’s leading engineering schools. He spent more than 10 years with Nokia before coming to Shure. He served as the Head of Spectrum Standardization, leading the company’s effort on a global spectrum standardization and policy. He’ll bring his global regulatory skills from Motorola to Shure in his new position.

Shure wants to make sure industries are advocated for as wireless microphones continue to play an important role in enabling production across numerous sectors. Bringing in Moorut allows Shure to continue these efforts.

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