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Blonder Tongue Updates NXG Platform with Built-in IP Content Ingest and Whitelisting Security Services

Blonder Tongue Laboratories announced a new update to its NXG video delivery platforms. The update allows for the configuration of IP inputs or outputs through a new IP connection on the NXG Master Controller enables more video delivery options.

The Blonder Tongue NXG and NXG Edge solutions are highly customizable, module-based IP digital video processing platforms designed for delivering next-generation video services on any generation of coax, ethernet, or fiber-optic wiring – without the need for replacing existing infrastructure. 

The latest update to the NXG and the NXG Edge platforms reduces the need for a separate IP module, allowing the module space to be used for additional processing functions. Additionally, both NXG platforms can now be configured for higher-level security protection for remote access through discreet IP Whitelisting.

“We worked closely with our Tier 1 operator customers, distributors, and other end-users to understand how their needs for video signal processing have been changing. Overall we are seeing a growth in channel lineups, a wider range of content sources and encoding requirements, and a need for remote fleet management of large numbers of devices. By building these feature updates directly into our NXG and NXG Edge Platforms, we continue to deliver on our promise of continuous product improvement and provide our customers with the most cost-effective and advanced video delivery systems,” said Ron Alterio, Chief Technology Officer of Blonder Tongue Laboratories. “More flexibility, lower cost, and additional capabilities in the same or smaller headend footprint are big wins for our customers.”

Both new and existing NXG and NXG Edge platform users can take advantage of these same usability improvements by downloading and installing the latest firmware updates. For more information, visit https://www.blondertongue.com/

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