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Snap One Breathes New Life into Legacy Audio Systems with In-Wall Episode WAKE Amp

SnapOne unveiled the new Episode WAKE Amp, an in-wall amplifier that connects to Bluetooth audio devices to deliver a simple music solution for audio systems. The WAKE Amp simplifies operations for today’s generation delivers modern convenience through new and existing installations.

“With the WAKE Amp, our Partners can use a single product to add super simple voice control to new audio systems, or to breathe life into older audio systems by replacing existing in-wall volume controls,” Jordan emphasized. “By simply asking your voice assistant to play your favorite music, Partners can break down barriers to easy whole-home audio through intuitive voice control.”

WAKE Amp connects a smart voice assistant or other Bluetooth audio devices to speakers throughout the property, making complex audio systems easy to use. The in-wall amp features three hard buttons for direct control of the music, delivering up to 25 watts of power to four speakers at four ohms.

Episode designed the WAKE Amp to be powered using existing speaker wire home runs with a power supply that attaches at the existing amplifier location. While the WAKE Amp requires virtually no configuration or setup, Episode has designed an easy-to-use WAKE mobile app for iOS and Android devices. It offers instant control of volume, LED brightness, the ability to set the hard buttons to control either volume or playback, add high-pass filters, adjust bass and treble tone, and apply a name to the room for easy identification in the app. 

“Now any project that has integrated speakers and uses Alexa devices can combine the two solutions to offer a voice-activated music experience through in-ceiling speakers for ultimate convenience,” Jordan added. “With more than 30 million in-wall volume control devices installed over the past 20 years, this presents an enormous opportunity for Snap One Partners and their customers who can now integrate modern technology to existing systems. With the WAKE Amp, we’re making voice-controlled music accessible to everyone.”

The Episode WAKE Amp is available immediately online and through Snap One Partner Stores.

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