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MSolutions Broadens AV Focus for ISE 2022

MSolutions plans to showcase new and innovative AV solutions at ISE 2022. The new solutions will have a focus on collaboration rooms. MSolutions will also unveil a range of PTZ cameras and signal extenders built for meeting and learning spaces.

“We are problem-solvers focused on helping our customers test the integrity of video and audio signals, as well AV and IP cabling and infrastructure,” said Eliran Toren, CEO, MSolutions. “That means keeping up with the AV industry’s latest UHD formats and specifications, as well as building new tools into our MS104B tester that helps field technicians stay on the cutting edge. The MS-TestPro offers all they need to quickly test and certify AV systems that serve any kind of business or residential space up to 8K 48Gpbs. Our experience working with high-speed, high-bandwidth infrastructure also gives us a unique perspective on how to efficiently navigate signal management and connectivity requirements in today’s IT collaboration rooms.”

ISE marks the European debut of two industry-first AV test innovations from MSolutions. First, the MS-TestPro now offers 8K 48Gpbs qualification for HDMI cables. Field technicians can run full compatibility and perform sweep tests with near-immediate results by adding the MSolutions HCT module to the tester.

Also, MS-TestPro users can now test ultra-high-speed uncompressed infrastructure and confirm HDBaseT Spec 3.0 compatibility by adding MSolutions’ DCR module to the tester. The DCR module offers a detailed analysis of the results along with a simple pass/fail test to quickly confirm Spec 3.0 compliance with the AV infrastructure. MSolutions remains the only company that qualifies HDMI 8K @60Hz 4:4:4 signal integrity on the physical layer using a handheld device.

MSolutions will unveil a new 4K camera with a built-in microphone at ISE, allowing users to enjoy greater video and audio quality inside these spaces today. MSolutions will demonstrate how the camera can be used with its new MS-6U41 USB Extender set to eliminate signal degradation. The MS-6U41, introduced in March and also receiving its public debut at ISE, is one of the first extenders to incorporate USB-C support for high-bandwidth signal transport.

MSolutions will also announce a new strategic partnership closer to the show, unveiling an exciting new business model for its MS-TestPro device. You can catch MSolutions and numerous other booths at ISE 2022 on February 1-4 in Barcelona, Spain.

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