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Nanolumens’ CLRVU Mesh Technology Makes Brilliant Statement

Nanolumens announced the latest product series, CLRVU a new transparent LED mesh building-hugging product. The new product comes on the heels of the brand’s new identity and promises to be among many new products on its roadmap.

“Along with our new brand identity comes a robust product roadmap for 2022 and beyond. We announced the addition of our CLRVU series on our recent branding webinar,” says Brice McPheeters, Vice President of Product and Planning for Nanolumens.

The first use case of CLRVU can be seen at the recently unveiled TK Elevators headquarters and test facility, located at the Battery Atlanta. Nanolumens collaborates with their integrator and ecosystem partners, as well as the AEC and AV design communities, to make unsurpassed first and lasting experiences.

“Our CLRVU mesh-based technology can be used indoors or outdoors to seamlessly blend into the architecture of your building. One main differentiator for CLRVU is that it allows for the customization of the display’s resolution, power consumption, and transparency, unlike others. Making a brilliant statement effortlessly is easy with this durable and long-lasting LED display. It’s designed and assembled in the US and built totally to specification in pixel pitches ranging from 10mm-25mm,” McPheeters said.

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