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NewTek reveals PTZ3, the World’s First PTZ Camera to Offer NDI ®|HX 3

NewTek has launched the NewTek NDI | HX PTZ3 Camera, committing to its promise of innovation. The PTZ3 is the first camera on the market to use NDI ®|HX 3, the latest development from NDI. Also unique to the PTZ3, is professional-level audio connectivity, raising the bar for audio quality in PTZ cameras everywhere.

“The PTZ3 overcomes some common challenges that have impacted PTZ usability in the past through an innovative approach to preset recalls, low latency and high quality with NDI ®|HX 3, and single-cable connection” comments William Waters, Head of Product Management, NewTek.

The PTZ3 is an affordable, IP-based pan-tilt-zoom camera that delivers high-quality, high-definition video to the network and interoperability with any of the thousands of applications that support NDI. The new camera allows everyone, including video professionals, technology managers, and A/V systems integrators to explore new ways to expand, grow, and evolve productions using their network.

NewTek was the first to deliver a PTZ camera that used the revolutionary NDI technology, the world’s largest and fastest-growing IP production protocol. NDI devices simply appear on the network automatically and can be easily integrated into any workflow. The NewTek PTZ3 enhances audio connectivity by featuring a professional mini-XLR mic input connection in addition to a line-level mini-jack. Once on the NDI network, the PTZ3 audio can be routed, mixed, enhanced, and distributed to thousands of devices.

With one cable for power and connectivity, no other camera on the market offers this level of simplicity and control; eliminating the need for, and the increasing cost of, long cable runs, complex setups, and management time to maintain. The NewTek PTZ3 can be added into any workflow with a single ethernet cable for HD video.

 “As part of the Vizrt Group family, NewTek works closely with NDI to harness its power of connection and fuse it into the DNA of our products and solutions. We are proud to pioneer a future-proofed PTZ camera that offers unparalleled flexibility that meets the fast-evolving needs of the market,” continues William Waters, Head of Product Management, NewTek. 

For more information, please visit https://www.newtek.com/camera/ndihx-ptz3/. To learn more about NDI ®|HX 3, please visit www.ndi.tv/blog/ndihx3.  

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