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Telecine Launches AQ, an Air Quality Digital Sensor and Signage Content Solution Sensors

Telecine Multimedia has launched a new digital signage content product called AirQuality, or AQ. The new digital sensor provides an automated, sensor-driven content feed on displays, showing the real-time state of air quality across multiple indicators.  

“By utilizing dedicated air sensors and data from existing building systems, we can automatically push real-time status levels and alerts to digital signage displays – letting people inside know about everything from humidity and air pressure conditions to carbon monoxide and ozone levels. Air quality can directly impact health, so having an accurate, ongoing understanding of current conditions – both outdoors and inside – is important for millions of people, especially those with lung or heart issues. Up to date reporting provides an early warning system for people particularly impacted by air quality issues, but more broadly sends a message to building tenants, workers, and guests that they are in a safe, healthy environment and that their health matters,” says Justin Lachovsky, Director of Sales, and Marketing for Telecine.

The AQ/Air Quality offers dynamic digital charts that show and explain current conditions in simple at-a-glance graphics. AQ is available now through Telecine. Check out their website to learn more.

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