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PPDS Debuts Most Powerful Direct View LED Panels to Date with new 3500-nits Philips 7000 L-Line Series

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PPDS has announced the latest and most powerful additions to its Philips 7000 Series 4K direct view LED with the new 3500 nits higher brightness range and energy-efficient LED solutions. The latest evolutions of the best-selling bezel-free Philips 7000 Series combine the latest advancements and innovations for hardware design and intelligent software to support installations that demand to be seen.

Available in 22”, 31” and 41” size variants and designed for 24/7 operation, the latest BDL7424L Philips L-Line models come equipped with all new powerful 3500 nits higher brightness capabilities. This guarantees clear 4K performance, viewable and readable in even the most challenging lighting conditions.

Jeroen Brants, Global Product Manager of LED Displays at PPDS, commented, “The modular design of Philips LED panels means they can adapt to any space, whether a traditional flat display or a vast, mesmerizing masterpiece of digital art, flowing seamlessly around doorways and other openings. Even corners and curved displays in very bright areas become easy to create with the new Philips L-Line 7000 series. These 3500 nits high bright LED panels are perfect for attracting attention in large, busy areas that are subject to high ambient light.”

The L-Line 7000 Series benefits from PPDS advanced online and offline Active Health Monitoring software, providing real-time feedback on any identified fault and impact performance. The LED panel is IP30 rated and certified while also being designed to slow down the spread of the flames in the event of a fire.

The 7000 Series panel features PPDS ‘Dynamic Power Saving’ technology minimizes power consumption by up to 20% compared to other comparable market models. All units come with built-in cable wiring, keeping power and data cables tidy.

“Whether it’s wowing customers in (or outside) of a retail store, creating a positive first impression in a corporate office’s reception area, or providing perfectly visible travel information (such as in an airport) – up close or further afar – the Philips L-Line 7000 series is only challenged by the constraints of imagination,” said Martijn van der Woude, Director of International Business Development at PPDS.

Check out PPDS’s website for more information about the dvLED panels.


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