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LG CLOi ServeBot Takes to the Show Floor at Infocomm 2022

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The LG CLOi ServeBot, an autonomous robot that uses multiple cameras and sensors to navigate complex commercial environments, is taking center stage in LG Business Solutions USA Booth #N2029 to show how U.S. workers can safely use robot assistants to carry up to 66 pounds of food or goods, assist with employee workloads, enable better customer service and increase operational efficiency.

“The LG CLOi ServeBot is truly a breakthrough for all kinds of consumer-focused businesses, from restaurants to retail stores to hotels,” Jeffrey Weiland, B2B robotics team leader at LG Business Solutions USA said. “The CLOi ServeBot’s semi-autonomous operation offers businesses an effective means to provide enhanced service, while freeing staff to focus on customer relations and build relationships that encourage repeat visits. Whether it’s delivering food from the kitchen to a table or packages from the storage room to the front counter, LG’s CLOi ServeBot can navigate virtually any environment and free up staff to handle direct customer service.”

LG CLOi ServeBot Model LDLIM21 is the world’s first commercial service robot earning UL 3300 certification for safe operation in complex commercial environments. The UL certification is a major step forward for commercial and consumer robots, with UL 3300 signifying a new standard for SCIEE units. Pronounced “sky,” SCIEE stands for Service, Communication, Information, Education and Entertainment. These robots are built to operate in open-world dynamic environments where they perform functional actions beyond monitoring and can adapt in real-time to changes in the environment.

To check out the LG CLOi ServeBot in action, visit Booth N2029 at InfoComm 2022


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