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Atlona Adds Quality Assurance Expert to Growing Quality and Support Team

In its quest to invest in quality assurance initiatives, Atlona has hired Scott Janssen as its dedicated Quality Manager for the company’s growing quality and support team. Jassen will manage Atlona’s Software QA and RMA Quality teams, focusing on surpassing the company’s quality objectives for new products and solutions.

Atlona hardware and software products are put through a rigorous testing process to identify potential dysfunctions and interoperability problems in numerous settings. Jassen’s earliest initiatives include strategic plans for functional and compatibility testing across Atlona’s expansive product line, recognizing the myriad of use cases of Atlona systems.

“There is an enormous amount of communication happening between the components that we sell, as well as third-party systems,” said Janssen. “The interactions of these products must be flexible and creative considering the different environments that they are used within. That means testing and verifying these solutions for quality assurance and reliability within simulated hospitality, conference room, and classroom environments, for example. That makes both functional and compatibility testing extremely important, along with tasks such as accelerated life testing that determine how long installed products will survive over time.”

Jassen brings 34 years of quality assurance work to his role which includes positions at Apple and ReplayTV. He gained invaluable experience in product testing, market analysis, and quality assurance as he climbed the ladder to key management positions. Janssen subsequently owned and operated QA4U Software Test Labs, Inc. prior to joining Atlona where he and his team tested products ranging from robotics to video switchers.

“We have increased our investment significantly on the personnel side over the past year, and that justified bringing in a manager that was 100 percent dedicated to working with the Atlona quality team,” said Director of Quality and Support Iftekhar Hossain. “Scott is the right person for this role given his more than 30 years of managing QA teams, knowledge of AV products and solutions through his past work, and his personal passion for the AV industry. Our mission is to thrive for zero product defects and drive continuous improvements, and Scott will ensure that his team members follow defined QA processes and that Atlona products meet out exit criteria upon going to market.”

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