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Remote Support With Care by Level 3 at InfoComm 2022

From InfoComm 2022 in Las Vegas, AVNation’s Bradford Benn interviews Frederick Loucks, fellow theatre major and CTO of Level 3. His position makes him responsible for the company’s technology vision and execution. 

Since the onset of COVID-19, Level 3 has been focused on improving the post-sale experience for consumers. As users have grown more accustomed to audiovisual technology through remote and hybrid working models, many devices haven’t received the love—think upkeep and updates—that they need to keep offices running seamlessly. Level 3 looks into how to enable more secure remote access, more remote monitoring and management, and more utilization of software in such a hardware-minded landscape.

Frederick speaks to the need for innovation when it comes to remote access. The current model can be risky—instead, his company has found ways to secure the process by granting access to only the people that need it, and only at the times they need it. These new standards match a more modern set of security requirements important to keeping their tech and the information it holds safe from cyber attacks.

Given that Level 3’s team collaborates with large companies with strict, existing security guidelines, it’s their responsibility to create efficient ways to solve problems—and jump through the necessary hoops in the process. Remote access is the best way to make that happen. They focus on a zero-trust and just-in-time approach to ensure that security breaches observed in the industry over the past few years are not repeated. 

Frederick’s stance is that you have to meet the industry where it is. So, this zero-trust policy only goes as far as an organization’s trusted boundary, which is best practice in the industry. To make this trusted boundary safe and secure, Level 3 encourages segmentation within these organizations, making each trusted boundary as small as possible in the context of each individual company and its needs. This way, if one device is infected, only neighboring devices will be impacted—not the entire organization. 

As customers continue to be concerned about the security of remote access, Level 3 remains committed to serving these needs as best as it can. 

For more information about Level 3 AV, visit their website here.

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