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Keeping Secure with Level 3 at InfoComm 2022

To kick off InfoComm 2022, AVNation’s Bradford Benn speaks to Cyber Security Architect Paul Konikowski about the AV and IT integrated solutions at Level 3. In the age of B.Y.O.D. (Bring Your Own Device), hybrid, remote, and in-person offices alike are further prioritizing the security and integrity of the technology they use. While other companies may be hesitant to make changes to the processes of the past, Level 3 is committed to adapting to the evolving landscape—even facilitating discussions with clients about their particular ongoing needs.

Moving forward, Level 3 is interested in collaborating with other integrators to ensure the best, most up-to-date solutions for clients across the board—Paul believes that security by obscurity doesn’t work. Instead, to avoid worst-case scenarios like zero-day vulnerabilities, he is open to sharing the codes and strategies that best protect users. Though some thorough documents do exist, they’re often lost behind paywalls that result in an inaccessibility issue that the industry can’t afford.

For his part, Paul juggles his professional work with bettering the industry as a whole by spreading information on frequently misunderstood technology concepts. For example, he explains the difference between network security and cyber security: While network security is important, it’s only a small subset of cyber security. He takes a human-first approach to cyber security, as most hacks and attacks come from human error. He’s a strong supporter of teaching individual members of a company the basics of cyber security, including password tips, dos and don’ts, and common red flags, as well as educating them about what to do if and when there is a security breach. It’s essential for users to know that cyber hacks aren’t necessarily (or even usually) technical—often they can be accomplished with a few inexpensive Amazon products. Once people fully understand what they are securing their devices against, the more simple is to fight off potential risks.

While Paul and his company already work off of several sets of industry security standards, he talks about ultimately bringing together a larger security council to create a more unified set of guidelines for the benefit of all involved.

To hear more from Paul Konikowski, find him online and on social media @pkaudiovisual. For more information about his company, Level 3 AV, visit their website here.

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