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Videotel Digital Introduces All NEW VP92 4K Industrial-Grade Interactive Digital Signage Media Player

Videotel Digital has introduced an all-new VP92 4K industrial-grade interactive digital signage media player. The new media player offers more resolutions option which provides a wider range of high-quality pictures. Now with a new dual HDMI port, the new VP92 can support two screens simultaneously with no splitter.

“Our new VP92 media player is more versatile, gives customers new programming options across more screens, and delivers a higher quality video picture than ever before,” said Lisa Schneider, Videotel Digital’s EVP of Marketing and Sales

The new Videotel Digital VP92 player comes packed with FREE cloud-based software options to choose from – either cloud-based StudioPro or the NEW StudioWeb, making the software equally easily accessible from a web browser using web-based technology to connect the player through the cloud with real-time access at no additional charge. The VP92 4K offers more versatility allowing customers to pause/play, fast forward, and/or rewind video with the remote control.

The new VP92 4K industrial-grade interactive digital signage media player also has the capability of hands-free screen control, which transfers full navigation control of the screen to a smartphone after taking a picture of the QR code on the screen allowing it to become touch-free.

For more product information go to www.videoteldigital.com.

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