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PureLink opens EXPERIENCELAB together with SurgeX and Just Add Power

PureLink GmbH, together with its manufacturer partners SurgeX and Just Add Power, is opening the PureLink+ EXPERIENCELAB at its location in Zurich and is inviting visitors to the official opening on September 8, 2022. 

The opening event offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the Power Management (SurgeX) as well as AV over IP (Just Add Power) technology segments through hands-on training directly on the live product. 

The keynote will be given by Ed Qualls. Ed is the pioneer in AV over IP and will share with the participants his vision for the next years in the AV over IP field. The training will be delivered by Pamela Qualls from Just Add Power USA and Martin Lemke from SurgeX. In the EXPERIENCELAB showroom, the devices from Just Add Power and SurgeX will be brought to life with hands-on training and can be tested directly on-site. 

“Proximity to the market and to the customer is currently a critical element,” says Ronni Guggenheim, Chief Growth Officer of PureLink. “Especially with technically complex solutions, the rule is seeing is believing, because the customer wants tangible proof of the functionality of a product. We grant this with the new EXPERIENCELAB.” 

The PureLink+ EXPERIENCELAB is located at Lerzenstrasse 10, 8953 Dietikon in Zurich, Switzerland, and will open on 8 September 2022 from 09:00 AM. 

For more info, visit the PureLink blog at: https://www.purelink.de/en/blog/index/sCategory/2218.  

For participation, the following link can be used to register: https://www.purelink.de/en/registration-experience-lab.  

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