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Extron AV Systems Accommodate All Who Enter Syracuse University’s National Veterans Resource Center

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The new National Veterans Resource Center – NVRC at Syracuse University provides US service members, veterans, and their families with innovative academic offerings and helps with supportive programs. Housed within the Daniel and Gayle D’Aniello Building, it welcomes and provides space and enhanced technology that is enabling everyone, including students, staff, and organizations external to the university. It is ideally situated between the university and the Syracuse VA Medical Center. Designed along ADA guidelines for universal accessibility, the NVRC provides ready access to resources for students, staff, and visitors, regardless of their physical abilities. For example, the installation includes an Alternative Learning System – ALS system and sign language computer-aided real-time transcription – CART displays with cameras to support the hearing impaired. To meet these and other requirements for the LEED-certified building, it includes a variety of Extron technologies including DTP systems, audio products, and control systems.

“The reliability, consistency, and ease of use with Extron products allowed for a seamless transition experience for university departments relocating into the new NVRC, as well as for the students, by providing familiar functionality,” says Mike O’Mara, Director of Learning Environments and Media Production at Syracuse University. “This was especially important during the pandemic to allow for continuing operations.”

The NVRC’s learning, enabling, and community-accessible spaces with the Extron AV systems and technologies are a clear success story. A 10×8, 8×6, or 8×4 Extron DTP CrossPoint 4K seamless presentation matrix switcher is the backbone of the AV system for each room. This one-box solution provides signal distribution, high-quality video scaling, audio DSP, and audio amplification and even includes a powerful integrated control processor. One of the many features that instructors, guest speakers, and students value is its seamless switching transitions. This adds polish to a presentation and enables veterans and other students to build and practice their professional presentation skills. The DTP matrix switcher’s 100-watt audio amplifier drives the ceiling speakers. For rooms with more extensive sound requirements, an Extron ProDSP digital matrix processor such as the DMP 128 Plus C AT transports audio via Dante mixes microphone and program audio, and then tailor the sound for room acoustics. Rooms include one or more TouchLink Pro touchpanels, MediaLink controllers, and/or eBUS button panels that work in conjunction with an Extron IP Link Pro control processor to provide convenient user-friendly control. The state-of-the-art NVRC provides these products and technologies to help cultivate innovative academic, government, and community collaborations positioned to empower those who have served in defense of the nation.

To read about the NVRC installation, click here.


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