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Nureva HDL410 Uses Next-Generation Microphone Mist Technology to Revolutionize Audio for Large Spaces

Nureva Inc announced the HDL410 system, the first of a new generation of Nureva® audio conferencing systems designed to further simplify the task of getting great audio in larger hybrid spaces without the cost and complexity of traditional solutions. The system combines two Nureva microphone and speaker bars with a new connect module, powered by next-generation Microphone Mist™ technology and a new groundbreaking unified coverage map to deliver pro audio performance in extra-large working and learning spaces up to 35′ x 55′ (10. 7 x 16.8 m). 

The unified coverage map enables the two microphone and speaker bars to act as if they were a single device with a single coverage map that spans the entire space. This greatly improves audio performance and sound location data accuracy for camera switching and steering, while avoiding the complications and performance challenges of systems that require manual setup and complex processing to stitch together overlapping coverage areas from multiple ceiling microphones. A new Console Direct feature provides a secure and continuous connection between the HDL410 and Nureva Console, allowing IT managers to manage the HDL410 remotely without having to rely on an in-room computer running client software. Users get access to remotely install firmware updates, check device status, view analytics and historical data, change settings, access APIs from the Nureva Developer Toolkit and more. Also new to the HDL410 is an audience mute feature within Nureva’s Voice Amplification Mode, which can focus microphone pickup on the presenter or instructor’s voice while reducing all other microphone pickups in the space.

The continued shift to hybrid environments has put a strain on IT resources to meet new and growing needs in collaboration spaces of all sizes, requiring solutions that dramatically improve the experience of remote participants. For audio in larger spaces, this challenge is amplified by the higher cost and complexity of designing, installing, and managing traditional pro AV solutions. Nureva has been at the forefront of finding innovative, IT-friendly ways to meet these challenges with intelligent audio systems that are easy to deploy and manage. Like all Nureva audio systems, the HDL410 connects easily by USB and can be installed and operational in about an hour, with no DSP required, simple bar mounting on the wall via 2-screws, and continuous autocalibration. Microphone Mist technology handles echo cancellation, noise reduction, position-based gain control, and the challenges of multiple in-room participants speaking at once. Nureva audio systems integrate with leading UC&C platforms including Microsoft® Teams and Zoom, and the HDL410 is currently in the certification process for Microsoft Teams, which would make it the first microphone and speaker bar-certified for extra-large Microsoft Teams Rooms. Nureva will debut and demonstrate the HDL410 system at EDUCAUSE in Denver, Colorado, October 25–28, 2022, and Zoomtopia in San Jose, California, November 8–9, 2022.

“We were looking for a quality microphone and speaker system for our larger classrooms and training rooms. After trying several systems from other companies, Nureva’s HDL410 was hands down better than anything else. It was much easier to install, get up and running as well as remotely monitor to fix any issues before anyone else became aware of them,” said Nathan Cline, technology coordinator at Ozarks Unlimited Resources Educational Service Co-op. “Prior to beta testing the Nureva system, we had constant audio coverage issues requiring participants to move closer to a microphone to be heard, breaking the flow of discussions. With the HDL410, we don’t have to think about audio coverage, and all I need to do is plug in a USB cable.”

“Today’s IT leaders are asking for intelligent solutions that deliver the collaboration experience their users demand without putting a strain on IT resources,” said Nancy Knowlton, Nureva’s CEO. “The Nureva HDL410 system is our latest and most dramatic example of using our IT-first approach to innovation to deliver great audio in large spaces.”

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