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Farlink Wireless Technology Joins SDVoE Alliance

The SDVoE Alliance announces Farlink Wireless Technology has joined the SDVoE Alliance as an adopting member.

Founded in 2020, Farlink Technology Ltd. is a Hong Kong-based, innovative technology company with multiple branch offices established in Mainland China. Since its establishment, the company has been striving for multi-dimensioned development, providing one-stop diversified solutions, and is committed to solving the business needs of customers.

With the growing global IoT market, the demand for effective communication solutions in many industries has greatly increased, and Farlink is the best partner that can create suitable solutions for different industries. Farlink has the most advanced and cost-effective communication solutions, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, G3-PLC, and 5G IoT gateways, as well as IoT-related services such as Wi-Fi Mesh AP, GPS tracking technology, etc. They provide customers from all walks of life with a complete set of IoT solutions.

Farlink’s core research and development technical team is formed by senior practitioners in the IoT industry. Farlink listens to its customers to deploy technology and experiences to create solutions that are in line with customer needs. To enhance its strength, Farlink has always focused on the research of IoT solutions and has established advanced laboratories to prepare for the development of the most advanced and innovative solutions.

In addition, has conducted research in cooperation with different entities, including companies like Sierra Wireless, Semtech, OnSemi, etc., to design and manufacture IoT innovative solutions for various industries. Farlink collaborated with professors from well-known universities in Hong Kong to develop and design Farlink-branded network products, supporting the company’s scientific research strength.

“It’s great to see a company recognize the link between SDVoE and IoT. The convergence of AV and IT is simply a prerequisite for living in an everything-connected world.” “I’m happy to welcome Farlink to the SDVoE Alliance”

Mark Hui of Farlink noted, “SDVoE offers the technology for transmitting full UHD 4K/60 video from HDMI-based devices in a lossless video and audio solution and it’s a cost-effective solution with greater system flexibility and scalability over traditional approaches. The encoders can simply be applied for the product development of multi-monitor broadcasts or distributed video wall systems. Combining the Farlink high-speed wireless network solution with SDVoE encoders and decoders, high-resolution video/audio sources can be transmitted flawlessly over distance, to remote monitors and other equipment.”

For more information on the SDVoE Alliance, please visit www.sdvoe.org.

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