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Bogen Communications Collaborates with Early Warning Labs for Expanded Interoperability

Bogen Communications LLC announced a technology partnership with Early Warning Labs, the nation’s leader in earthquake early warning technology. Bogen Communications’ collaboration with Early Warning Labs provides expanded interoperability to automate notifications and other safety measures in the event of a major earthquake.

Bogen Communications’ Nyquist platform is a software-based, state-of-the-art paging and intercom solution for K-12 and commercial applications. Paired with Early Warning Labs, the Nyquist solution enables facilities to automate and expedite audible and visual notifications and other safety measures with the intent to prevent injuries and limit property damage during a large earthquake. Early Warning Labs is an officially licensed partner of the US Geological Survey and the nation’s leader in earthquake early warning technology. Early Warning Labs works with leading institutions and seismology researchers to innovate at the forefront of earthquake early warning.

“Bogen Communications is committed to providing seamless, easy-to-use audio distribution and emergency paging solutions for a range of education and commercial market segments,” said Randall Lee, vice president of marketing and product management at Bogen Communications. “We continually innovate to deliver new features, and expanded third-party interoperability with the goal to deliver enhanced safety and security capabilities. Our collaboration with Early Warning Labs is another example of our commitment to fulfilling this mission.”

Josh Bashioum, founder and CEO of Early Warning Labs added, “Studies indicate that half of all earthquake-related injuries can be mitigated with early warning. Early Warning Labs provides advance warning of up to 60 seconds to individuals and partner organizations through existing communications systems, such as Bogen Communications’ Nyquist solution, to expedite emergency communication.”

Bogen Communications’ Nyquist solution features an easy-to-use Web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) that is easily accessible from any PC, tablet, or mobile device. Designed to support existing building infrastructure, Nyquist integrates with a facility’s existing LAN, WAN, and legacy speaker cabling to create a versatile and cost-effective solution. The Nyquist solution can be scaled to support a virtually unlimited number of audio sources, endpoints, and zones, while the software can be easily upgraded over time to address ever-changing customer needs, environments, and technology.

For more information on Bogen Communications, please visit https://www.bogen.com.

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