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VuWall Adds New Dynamic Video Wall Collaboration Technology to Leading Visualization Platform at ISE 2023

 VuWall, a technology leader in video wall control systems and unified visualization solutions, today announced it will demonstrate new KVM control technology available within the TRx centralized management software platform at ISE 2023 in booth 5E370. The new technology will enable KVM control and multi-mouse capability on video walls. The company will also demonstrate other robust features and benefits of TRx for the first time at the show, including Genetec and Milestone plugins, SDVoE multi-view and USB routing capabilities, and carousel functionality. The booth will feature Samsung’s The Wall MicroLED display and a 3×2 Samsung LCD video wall, driven by VuWall’s TRx and PAK video wall solutions.

“We’ve entered an age of visualization where organizations need nimble systems that allow them to collaborate, create layouts, pull in a variety of sources, and react to events at a moment’s notice,” said Paul Vander Plaetse, CEO and Founder of VuWall. “We’ve addressed this need with our easy-to-install and scalable PAK processing appliances and our feature-rich TRx video wall management software platform. We will have a lot of exciting technology advancements attendees won’t want to miss at our booth.”

The ISE 2023 VuWall booth experience will include a demo of the new TRx KVM functionality. The new technology allows operators to collaborate directly on shared video walls while working from their personal desks. Organizations can bring in KVM sources, in addition to virtually all other sources, on a PAK video wall. This feature offers dynamic collaboration between operators to the video wall and operator to operator. The company will show this new capability and the VuWall PAK appliance on the 3×2 Samsung LCD video wall and two operator desks. PAK is a networked multi-decode node that can also operate efficiently as a stand-alone device and is certified as fully compatible with The Wall. For large displays, PAK nodes can be easily stitched together to build an IP-based video wall that is infinitely scalable and can function as a single large canvas. PAK simplifies video wall integration by reducing the need for long video cables and eliminating single points of failure to minimize risk and improve reliability.

VuWall will also highlight TRx’s support for SDVoE multi-view mode, video wall mode, and USB routing on Samsung’s The Wall for high-quality, zero-latency video distribution over 10G.

To schedule a meeting or a demo with VuWall at ISE, visit www.vuwall.com/ise

More information on VuWall and its full line of solutions are available at www.vuwall.com.

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