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Crestron Unveils New Design-Forward, Feature-Rich Horizon Keypads and Dimmers

Crestron Electronics, known for home automation announces the next generation of the popular Horizon® keypads and dimmers. With Crestron Residential, homeowners get all the products, experience, security, and performance that Crestron technology promises to every aspect of every home.

Crestron announces the next generation of the popular Horizon® keypads and dimmers. Designed to elevate both form and function for dealers and homeowners, the keypads prioritize clean design featuring improved color, finish, and alignment in visually appealing layouts. The new “dim-to-warm” theme uses the local ambient sensor to automatically set the button backlight to cooler or warmer based on the intensity of the room lighting. The keypads are available in the six most popular configurations, from single-button options up to five buttons in a single gang arrangement. Advanced color control offers visual cues from a distance, making keypads another intuitive interface in the home. The Impress software tool enables dealers to create a variety of personalized engravings.

A well-designed keypad, according to homeowners, should be unobtrusive when not in use and completely intuitive when it is. That requires careful attention to everything from the ergonomics of the device to its ultimate fit and finish. Crestron considered and met all the requirements in this case. These considerations chart the course for Horizon’s next-generation keypads and dimmers, which feature an elegant design with a distinct tactile experience, improved configuration and installation, and expanded customization options.

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