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LG Electronics USA Business Solutions division serves commercial display customers in the U.S. lodging, hospitality, digital signage, systems integration, healthcare, education, government and industrial markets since 1958.

LG Business Solutions USA unveils Google-certified ChromeOS slot-in PC for LG Createboard at ISTELive 23, simplifying daily use and offering flexibility.

LG Createboard now offers a ChromeOS slot-in PC, allowing educators to use the operating system on both new and existing devices. This powerful user experience resembles a Chrome tablet or Chromebook, allowing teachers and students to sign into Google accounts and connect to learning management services. The Google-certified device is available immediately.

LG Business Solutions USA will launch a new Google-certified ChromeOS slot-in PC for LG Createboard at ISTELive 23 in Booth #1740, demonstrating how the operating system simplifies daily use, delivers in-demand features and adds flexibility to LG Createboard classrooms. The global technology leader also announced the launch of its new LG Educators and Education Advisory Board initiatives to design and promote best practices based on real-world successes and solicit industry input to help guide future product development.

“Education is the foundation of modern society, and technology has become just as integral to daily lesson plans and student engagement as it has to daily life,” said Victoria Sanville, Education Vertical Leader at LG Business Solutions USA. “LG is supporting the evolving and expanding needs of educators and students through constant product innovations and empowering frontline education professionals to share their successes with national and global audiences through LG’s media channels.”

The new ChromeOS slot-in PC (model OPS-C001) for LG Createboard upgrades educators’ options by enabling full use of the ChromeOS operating system on new and existing LG Createboards, providing a familiar and powerful user experience similar to a Chrome tablet or Chromebook. Adding ChromeOS to an LG Createboard turns the display into a Single Sign-On (SSO) device whereby teachers or students can sign-in to their Google account and automatically be connected to services such as Google Classroom, Google Workplace, Meets or any other learning management services without additional logins. It’s an ideal solution for classrooms or schools standardized on the Google ecosystem or using Chromebooks for students, offering the benefits of the full Chrome PC browser including extensions, Google Assistant, Google Management Console and even access to Google’s new Bard AI tools. The Google-certified device is available immediately.

LG’s booth highlights how technologies can be combined and utilized to add flexibility to lessons, increase engagement, ensure equal access and visibility and provide students with the tools and skills they need to succeed in today’s society. With distinct zones focused on Learning Environments, Robotics and Coding, Control Rooms and Esports Labs, education professionals can experience the full range of available products from LG CreateBoard digital whiteboards, DVLED displays and large touchscreens to laptops, thin client monitors, projectors and even the CLOi GuideBot automated robotic assistant.

As they approach the booth, attendees can view two large examples of LG’s digital signage technology in the form of a 136-inch All-in-One display and a 110-inch LCD display. The All-in-One model shows how simple it is today to implement a large, vibrant display with integrated speakers to instantly provide digital options in any room, while the LCD product presents a slim, high-resolution screen ideal for welcome boards and public areas.

Once in the booth, visitors can make their way through each distinct zone to experience demonstrations of 55-inch Touch Displays with LG ConnectedCare software, 86-inch LG CreateBoard digital whiteboards, multiple ProBeam 4K high brightness projector models, LG gram laptops including a 16-inch 2-in-1 model with reversible touchscreen display, and various Thin Client options that enable deployment of secure cloud-based workstations for virtually any location.

The booth also highlights the use cases and functionality of Chromebooks, the powerful LG One:Quick Flex 4K touch display that includes a camera, speakers, microphone and a mobile cart, along with tablets, ultrawide monitors, LG UltraGear gaming displays and an UltraGear gaming laptop.

“Different classrooms and subjects often require different display and computing devices to support lesson plans and interactivity,” Sanville said. “And with LG’s broad product lines, schools and learning institutions can outfit a variety of spaces using a single supplier, which can simplify maintenance and provide added benefits such as centralized display management and the ability to broadcast content across large digital signage networks. We’re eager to help districts develop the classrooms of tomorrow and improve student experiences with the help of leading educators.”

The LG Educators initiative invites education professionals with experience using LG products to leverage the brand’s name recognition and media reach to promote their best practices and share their success stories with the wider education community. The recently launched program aims to recruit an army of tech-savvy educators who can show others how to get the most out of modern tools.

The LG Education Advisory Board, which is holding a networking event at ISTELive 23, is a separate, parallel program that combines the expertise of school leaders including superintendents and chief information officers to advise LG on future product development and classroom needs.

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