AV Nation is the Audio Visual industry’s premier podcasting and social media content provider. It was created for the purpose of bringing high quality content to the AV community. AVNation is “The Network for the Audio Visual Industry.”


With an audience of almost 35,000 readers, listeners, and viewers on a monthly basis we are a trusted source of AV news and information; truly a network for the audio visual industry. We have demonstrated a level of professionalism with our broadcasts and insights with our guests and hosts. Our coverage of tradeshows is unique in that we have real, working, AV professionals asking the questions the AV person in the field would want to know.


AVNation has reached a point where some funding beyond our founders is necessary to maintain the quality and continue the coverage. Not wanting to take away from the message with an abundance of advertising we have opted for the “PBS” model of underwriting. The PBS and NPR models are familiar to most of our U.S. audience. It is a model where we ask companies to support the efforts with a yearly donation.


What this means for a company is acknowledgment of  underwriting at the beginning of shows on a rotational basis, an Underwriting Page on the AVNation.tv website, a space in the rotational underwriter ad space on the site, as well as trade show coverage for those who exhibit. If you have ever watched PBS or listened to NPR, this is the sort of underwriting we are talking about.


We think AVNation has a great independent voice and want to maintain that independence. With your help we can.


To the right are our current underwriters. If you like what we do, please tell them you appreciate their support.

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