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Whether its smart homes or smart buildings, technology is moving more into the world of architects and architectural considerations. The ArchiTech podcast brings together the tech and the space and discusses how the two can not only coexist but thrive within each other. This monthly podcasts posts the second Tuesday of each month.

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ArchiTech 10: Sound Design

How sound can affect productivity in an environment, and the functionality of designing spaces for optimal sound.

ArchiTech 9: Security Rings

Discussing what design considerations go into keeping campuses safe and secure.

ArchiTech 8: Continuing To LEED

Getting A LEED on things The Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design standard, or LEED, is a standard for architectural design optimizing energy efficiency and other consideration to create a truly green building. On this episode of ArchiTech, we look at how LEED standards are shaping the way we go into designing a building, and

ArchiTech 7: Teaching The Future

Outlining each step in the process of designing higher education facilities from the ground up.

ArchiTech 6: Microwave Brownie

Looking at the shifting considerations for workplace design, how AI and other tools assist in architecture, and finding common ground between architects and technologists.

Architech 5: Classroom Design

How students are influencing what goes into designing a classroom, and what engineers and manufacturers should know about the future of the classroom.

Architech 4: Technology Inside

Building a technology team, balancing form and function, and learning to speak IT and AV fluently.

Architech 3: FF&E

Talking about Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment, and future proofing the commercial space.

ArchiTech 2: Modular Experiences

How architects and AV technicians can work together, future technology for building and more with Danny Forster.

ArchiTech 1: Design Thinking

The impact of AR and VR in designing architecture, and the design tools necessary for to experience spaces in concept.