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AVNation began as a podcasting network. We have grown and evolved into more than that. However, podcasts remain a big part of what we do and produce on a weekly basis. Below are the direct RSS links to each and every show. If you use iTunes you can find them there simply by searching for the show title or AVNation in general. If you use a different podcatcher, copy and paste the feed into the catcher of your choice.


Thank you.

AVWeek – http://www.avnation.tv/storage/avweek/avweek.xml

ResiWeek – http://www.avnation.tv/storage/resiweek/resiweek.xml

IT AV – http://www.avnation.tv/storage/itav/itav.xml

MHO – http://www.avnation.tv/storage/mho/mho.rss

Connected  – http://www.avnation.tv/storage/connected/connected.xml

A State of Control – http://www.avnation.tv/storage/soc/soc.xml

AVSocial – http://www.avnation.tv/storage/avsocial/avsocial.xml

EdTech – http://www.avnation.tv/storage/edtech/edtech.xml

AV Crosstalk – http://www.avnation.tv/storage/avcrosstalk/avcrosstalk.xml

Live Life – http://www.avnation.tv/storage/livelife/livelife.xml

LightCast – http://www.avnation.tv/storage/lightcast/lightingguy.xml

DIY – http://www.avnation.tv/storage/diy/diy.xml




Shows we produce:

InfoComm Today – https://www.buzzsprout.com/56937.rss



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