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AVWeek Episode103: Free Wireless

Host: Tim Albright Founder  Guests: 

Harry Meade from CCS Presentation Systems, John Huntington from CUNY, Ben Shipman from AVA, and Ken Blecher of Powersoft.

Record Date: 8/9/2013

 The Black Hat hackers show how to hack your smart home. Should we up the security of our systems? Congress gets into the wireless mic spectrum. Commercial Integrator says the “customer is NOT always right”. Plus, Pioneer enters the club market.  Running Time: 51:21

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4 thoughts on “AVWeek Episode103: Free Wireless”

August 12, 2013

Episode 103 talks Pioneer’s new club system, and Black Hats hacking your #smarthome #AVNews


August 13, 2013

AVWeek 103 talks hacking your #smarthome and wireless mic spectrum #AVTweeps #AVNews


August 14, 2013

Our latest AVWeek looks at Pioneer’s new club system and shoring up the security in your smarthomes #AVTweeps


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